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Sous-marin Flore

Submarine Flore-S645

An interactive museum at home to Lorient

visit breathtaking , unique to Lorient!


Built by the Germans during the Second World War, the base of submarine threw Lorient in the heart of the Battle of the Atlantic. Largest military fortress in Europe, it was later used by the French Navy as headquarters squadron of Atlantic submarines until 1997.


For nearly 30 years, the submarine Flore-S645 took up residence on the former base of submarines Lorient.

Extend your visit on Lorient La Base


With Pass Patrimoine, discover 70 years of history and step back in time! Combine your visit to the Submarine Flore-S645 with other heritage tours at Lorient La Base. This site is an important element of the heritage and history of the Second World War.


Avec le Pass Mixte, composez une visite originale en combinant des visites patrimoniales et des activités nautiques : visite de la Cité de la Voile, des pontons du premier pôle européen de course au large ou une balade sous voiles... Embarquez !


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