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Interactive museum

10 metres high and weighing 30 tons, the pen’s imposing door sets the tone. A smaller door allows access to the first stage of your visit: the museum part.

Lorient, strategic port

In the pen, the tour starts with video screens presenting the history of Lorient, and the challenges of its strategic position in south Brittany: coherent development of military and maritime infrastructures to serve the ambitions of successive powers...


This introduction for all ages recounts the historical context of the museum in a few minutes.

grands écrans dans le musée du sous-marin flore

A human and technological adventure

A “Vulcain” is a simplified representation of the spaces in a submarine. It was used for safety drills (fire and leaks).


This equipment has been recreated in the pen so you can experience the daily life of the sailors: you are now onboard!

Several areas are represented.


The engine room:
Energy management, stealth, air renewal, etc. with the technology of the time, everything required special attention, and imposed heavy constraints on the crew.


une famille visitant le musée du sous-marin flore à lorient

The living quarters:
"Hot bunking", "heads" and "pusser" will no longer hold any secrets for you!
You will discover that military austerity and the constraints of confinement necessarily give rise to regular moments of relaxation and friendship in order to preserve crew morale.


Dive safety:
A film projected on all walls of the room immerses you at the same time as the submarine in the dive procedure: every man to his post, effervescence and worrying noises, the effect is guaranteed!


Operations room and weapon systems:
You have often witnessed the scene at the cinema: red light, periscope, plotting table, listening post. This room houses the "eyes" and "ears" of the submarine. Here is where the operations that ensure a successful mission for the submarine are carried out.

enfants regardant au périscope dans le musée du sous-marin flore

Film projection : 20th century's history

On leaving the “Vulcain”, you will find yourself on the lookout, at the back of the pen.


A torpedo launcher and contemporary rolling bridges accompany you, several metres up, while images are projected onto the walls of the pen.


15 spectacular minutes to understand the technological, ideological and military breakthroughs of this period of human History.

projection son et lumières au sous-marin flore

THE visite aboard the flore submarine

Share the crew's great moments by boarding the Flore submarine, equipped witn an audioguide.


Access the second stage of your visit




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